OUR TEAM: Stefano - Photographer / Producer


About Stefano 

Photographer / Cinematographer 


17 Nov. 2011  

3:17 am, thursday, Milan. 

I’m a South African born and raised in Italy. I’m currently listening to Cheap Trick and working in Europe as a Commercial Director. 

I love video. I love photography. I make my porpouse to live with it. I’m now listening to Patty Smith “people have the power”, I shoot all the time, i love to take pics of the local punk rock bands, i’ve shot a documentary last year on La Scala, on March this year i’ve started shooting a documentary on gipsies near Malaga in Spain. Quite interesting and tough. 

I’ve got a lot of good friends, i’ve got a car, i’m now listening to a cool band called “cake” check them out!, i’ve got a motorbike that i named “Sheena” she’s a Cagiva/Harley Davidson sst 250, I eat meat and got vegan friends. 

Lately i’ve shot a lot of fashion shows (i do live in Milan!), i’ve shot a Volvo car photo campaign, on tuesday i’ll be shooting a commercial of “Mr Day”, a big puppet shot on green back where he’s chatting with the kids and makes a mess with electricity and puts on the chrismas lights all on himself leaving the neighbourhood in blackout. 

I’m not going to edit it myself, but i’ll follow the editing and compositing. I like to follow the jobs till the end when i can. 

On friday i’m shooting an interview of this old famous designer “Gaetano Pesce”. I like to light up scenes, i’m not a design fan, i like to make the most of situations, it’s years i’ve been subscribing to the american bible “American Cinematographer”, the best cinema magazine in the world. When i was younger i used to buy every month “Maximumrockandroll” an american fanzine/magazine, till the director died of cancer. Mr Tim Johannon. My favourite part where the colums ( Ben Foster, then Furious George). I’ll meet them sooner or later. Last October i went to London and made it to take pics of Rick Nielsen, guitarist of Cheap Trick, while he was brushing his teeth. I can still die Tomorrow i’m so happy. 

Getting back to photography. It’s now 15 years that i take pics, and 8 that i make a living out of it. I started with film then had to switch to digital. I’ve learned to love digital, the idea, the lights and a good relationship with the subget make the pic, but deep inside i’m still in love with film. Surprises and having a good negative in youre hands is unpayable. So if you got the budget or want to try something different: yes i do! let’s shoot film. 

3:46 am  

Going to brush my teeth then bed. 

I’m ready, i’ll bring the camera, got ideas, a very funny assistant. You just got to bring along good vibrations. 

Good night.