Where are you located? 

We're local in a small and cute town called Cantù between Como and Milan -Italy. We’ve got a studio in Milan. Meetings typically take place at my studio. The fun part about being local to Como and Milan is I know the area well. This helps when shooting at various locations that I am already familiar with as well as knowing traffic patterns, etc. Your wedding day will have so many dynamics that little details like this can really help you have a great outcome. But don't let my location limit your inquiry, I travel often all over the world for weddings.  

How do we book you? 

First… Let’s meet and make sure we are a good fit.  

Time is of the essence for sure as there are very few Saturdays in a year and we can not hold dates without a signed contract and retainer. Once you are ready to move forward the whole contract process can be dealt with online and by mail. 

You look expensive, can you work with my budget? 

Please inquire anyway! You never know what we can do for you depending on the timing and needs of your event. If we really connect with you and your plans sound cool to photograph, we usually find a way to make things work for all of us. Also, a little known secret in the wedding industry is that M-Th events rarely cost as much as weekends. 

Do you travel to weddings outside Italy? 

Yes! In fact some of my favorite weddings have been outside of Italy. I am happy to talk to you about your wedding and photographing it wherever it is. Recent weddings and/or travel has included: Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Florence, Venice, Lampedusa, Tenerife to name a few! And P.S., I'm dying to photograph a wedding in California..  

How long have you been a professional photographer Stefano? 

I've been photographing weddings in Como professionally for a bit over 7 years. I started playing with photography and my art back in the days of film and have an eye for making images that are classic in longevity but contemporary in style. The great thing about learning on film is that it taught me proper exposure techniques and the darkroom taught me how to print a stunning image. These are skills rarely acquired now in the days of point and shoot and camera phones, and becasue of it I can even take a kick-ass iphone photo without a fancy app. I must admit I love my Hipstamatic app. 

What equipment do you bring? Do you bring an assistant? 

I typically shoot with 1-2 cameras plus I have my backup cameras and pro lighting. It is important to have backups! My assistant has extra cameras as well. We also bring a small professional lighting set-up. We don’t always need it but it is imperative to have "just in case" and I know how to use it! In this day of digital photography, anyone with a camera can call themselves a “wedding photographer”, but what should be important to you, is that your photographer is a professional who is prepared for every situation. You only get one chance to do this and I will not let you down- never have, never will. 

What products do you offer? 

We can put together something as simple as online viewing to a complete array of Albums that are far too numerous to mention here. As a full time photographer, I am always seeking out the latest and most unique products for my customers that are out there. So as not to confuse you, let me just say, we will put together what you want, not just what is offered. If it is out there, I know how to get it and make it uniquely you! 

Do we get the files? 

If files are important to you, yes, we will make it happen. We shoot RAW format and we keep the processing in-house. The final images on the disk are high resolution TIFFs and low res. JPEGs. While we do recommend that you take advantage of our access to pro labs, especially for any large prints, anyway, with the high res. TIFFs you can handle all of your own printing from the disk. Again, my focus is to get you the best package and end product that will make you shine in a way that no other can do.  

Color? Black & White? Sepia? Artistic Photoshop?  

Lots of Portraits? No Portraits? 

Y. E. S. 

Will we get an album? 

Just like with files, we will make it your way. I love putting together albums and my customers regularly tell me “Everyone LOVES what you did- they tell us over and over how special our album is”. Your Album should be something that is out for your guests to look at, not buried on a shelf. Remember your pictures represent both you and all those who aren’t there at your wedding (like your future grandchildren). Albums are a great way to represent the storyline of your day. 

How long will it take to see our wedding images? 

Generally we have a 4 week turn around. The only exception might be right around the winter holidays. If you need things turned around sooner we can probably accommodate you, just ask. 

How many hours coverage will I need you for? 

Every wedding is different but usually incorporate many of the same elements so I’m pretty good at helping you plan an accurate timeline. I don’t take any other weddings on your day, so we will design the day to be what you want and be there to make sure we capture each moment.  

Do you do Engagement sessions? 

I love to do engagement (portrait) sessions! This is the best way for me to get to know how you photograph and gives you the time to acclimate to being photographed, in public, with (gasp) people watching you! It is normal to be uncomfortable in front of the camera, certainly not everyone likes being center of attention. I feel it is better to work through this on a day other than the wedding. 

Do you photograph the Rehearsal dinner or other wedding events? 

I generally only take one wedding on a given weekend (like I mentioned above, only one per day, but in most cases, one per weekend), so yes, other than a holiday, I’m typically open to covering other aspects of your wedding. Do consider how you would like to showcase these images since many times they warrant their own special album or display. 

What if my parents or I want to order something after the wedding? 

All the images are available to order for 18 months after your wedding. You can call or email anytime to place individual orders. Your parents may call directly if they prefer. We are happy to help them find a parent album, holiday card or wall print that suits them. 

My friend/well meaning relative offered to do our wedding for free, why should I hire you? 

I absolutely understand the draw of "free" when planning your wedding. Bills add up. I would ask you to think about what you want to end up with 30 years from now. Do you want to have an amazing album you can pull out and show your grandkids? How would you feel if things didn't turn out well? (and what if Uncle Joe wants to enjoy the wedding himself?) Please consider hiring a professional.  

Keep this in mind: This is what I do day-in, day-out. I immerse myself into the details of things that photographers with half my experience have not ever considered. All this adds to an absolutely fantastic result that will make you glad you didn’t skimp on this important part of your wedding. I hear too many "if I had only known" stories after the fact. I've even been hired to just be the "fly on the wall" photographer while the friend acted as lead photographer, this could be worth it to ensure you get the story of the day covered and not ruin a friendship. After the dinners are eaten, the dance floor cleared and the cake is served, the only two things you will walk away with are each other and your pictures. Well maybe a few good wedding presents too, hopefully. 

What if I DON'T want my images published anywhere? 

I do handle celebrities and public figures often and this can be a concern for sure. Please bring this detail up right away if you have this concern so we can make sure you are properly accommodated. I also have a standard confidentiality form that I am happy to give you. An NDA is not the same as a copyright transfer so please make sure you communicate your needs before we get into pricing. 

Can you get our wedding published in a magazine or blog? 

Well, nobody can promise you that. But if you look at my past history I'm rather good at having my work published. Do a little google search on my name. I can tell you the more unique and styled your location, lighting and details are the better your chances. Having fun together and making time for having your photos taken doesn't hurt either. Let’s talk about this and see what we can do - no promises- I don’t run the magazine, but maybe we can make it happen. 

What should I do if I'm still reading this FAQ right at this point? 

Call and talk to me, you are obviously interested in what I have to say and have connected to my take on wedding photography.  

Seriously, call us: 0039-02-36-58-24-17